"I thank Vidyalankar for my success, they helped me grasp the concepts very well rather than just memorizing the concept."

- Anurag Rajput (First Year Engg Sem II May 2016 Topper)


"I had joined for engineering drawing each drawing was made with measurements. All the notes provided as GQ and EQ are well segregated with easy and difficult questions."

- Kaushal Bhogale (FE SEM II May 2016 Topper)


"The professors of vidyalankar were of great help. Teaching was excellent. The staff were very co-opreative for making doubt solving easy. Doubt was cleared early and with ease."

- Mayuresh Solunke( FE SEM II May 2016 Topper)


"vidyalankar helped me get the score. Study material is very helpful and problems is solved step wise."

- Manali Jambavalikar(First Year Engg Sem II May 2016 Topper)


"Joining Vidyalankar was an amazing experience, they solved my doubts. Teaching staff was very good, they made my concepts clear. The chemistry of the teachers with students was very friendly. Teachers could be approached easily for extra doubt solving sessions."

- Tanmay Padwal (First Year Engg Sem II May 2016 Topper)


"I feel very lucky to have studied with vidyalankar. The ambiance to study was very helpful to focus on every small details. "

- Saifuddin Telia(First Year Engg Sem II May 2016 Topper)


"I found staff to be supportive. They taught simple tricks to solve sums in maths and mechanics. I request all of you to join vidyalankar."

- Hemita Sawant(First Year Engg Sem II May 2016 Topper)


"Drawing was made easy and more undertsandable as all measurements were taken and each sum was done in front of the professor."

- Kaushal Bhogale (First Year Engg Sem II May 2016 Topper)


"Lectures were very effective. faculty was there for me 24/7. Whenever I needed any help they were there for me, thats the reason why one should enroll for vidyalankar engineering course."

- Isha Deshpande(First Year Engg Sem II May 2016 Topper)

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