How to crack corporate interviews of mass-recruiters

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Hello! So, you are in the final year of engineering! And like every common engineer in India, you are now looking forward to crack corporate interviews. Oh yes, and you want to give it your best shot. So here are a few basic tips to get your dream job.

Depending upon your college and the branch you take, here are some mass recruiting companies that may conduct corporate interview rounds at your college campus:

Mass recruiters Tech Giants Others/Start-ups:
TCS Amazon Codenation
Cognizant Flipkart Snapdeal
IBM Microsoft ThoughtWorks
Accenture Goldman Sachs BankBazaar
Infosys Adobe Groupon
HCL LinkedIn MakeMyTrip
Hewlett-Packard Qualcomm Quikr
Ericsson Bloomberg
Godrej Intuit Amdocs
Siemens Intel Aricent
Reliance Energy Samsung NEC
  Expedia Orange
  Morgan Stanley  


Most mass recruiters are IT companies and hence, there is a high demand for CS/IT engineers. These companies do have a set recruitment criteria, depending upon their requirement for that particular year. Some companies have criterion that the candidate should not have any KTs in any semester, as opposed to that, others would not want KTs in current semesters and yet others would not bother with KTs at all as long as you have a good CGPI in current semesters.

Now, depending upon this criterion, candidates are finalised for Written Test comprising of GA and English. Once this is through, an interview round is scheduled that is either technical or with the HR.

The recruitment procedure, however, may differ with panellists and HR who are conducting that particular round. With respect to CS/IT, IT giants like TCS, Infosys, Accenture, etc. do not look much for technical skills in a candidate. However, basic understanding of programming languages is required. The focus is always on logic building capability and the way you articulate and communicate your thoughts and ideas for any given piece of code/ problem rather than just writing down a piece of already existing code. Most of the companies do train the newly hired in specific technology as per the business requirement.

Other than this, they do look for good communication skills. You need not worry about all your engineering subjects but, be prepared for at least two of those. If you are from CS, then a basic knowledge of operating systems and time complexity is expected form the candidate. If you have mastered any one language, then that would suffice, but, please ensure that you have good grades and NO KTs. However, if there is a cut off, and due to your last semester marks, your CGPA drops below the cut off or you get an arrear, you could be dropped off. So, do be consistent in maintaining your average.

Electrical and electronics engineering is considered almost on par with computer science engineering as they also have the knowledge of basic programming languages like C, C++, etc. and all you need is to focus on logic building.

With this, try to maintain eye contact with the interviewer. If there’s a panel, try to distribute your attention to everybody.

Certain questions that you can be prepared for:

What is your dream job like?

Tell me about yourself.

What are your greatest strengths?

What are your greatest weaknesses?

Tell me about something you did or failed to do or how did you cope up with success/failure?

Corporate companies also hire for core branch engineers. Companies like Godrej, Siemens and Reliance Energy and other companies looking for core branch engineers might be interested more in your final year project and may ask you more questions based on your technical skills. So, be thoroughly prepared with your final year project.

A nicely packed fresh engineer with ability to learn, communicate and cope with stress is what matters and you will be trained as per their business requirements. With these basic preps, may the winds be in your favour and may you sail through (with the best package in the industry, of course!).

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