First Year Engineering Admission

Posted by under Blog , Engineering Admissions on May 25, 2017

The euphoria of good results leads on to the next step in one’s academic life. What next? Which Engineering college? How do I go about it? Though the admission happens through the DTE online admission process, it’s not as simple as it sounds. The students and also the parents are in a state of total confusion about how do theyI make their choice of branch and match it with a college of their choice.

To put an end to this anguish and turmoil, Vidyalankar, over the years have been at the side of the student community, doing their best to help solve the queries that keep arising with the change of the DTE norms every year. Their well-planned seminars at popular places in Mumbai have just one aim in mind; that is to make the process of filling the application form easy and to help every student realise their dream of studying in their college of preference without compromising on their choice of branch of study. The speakers at these seminars are people, who are well versed with the norms of the form filling and have, over the many years, helped thousands of students get into the stream and college they most preferred.

Attending these seminars come with no hidden cost, but benefits in abundance. Parents and students can make the best use of these platforms and fill up their online forms in peace and freeze on their choice of college and branch.

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