Exam preparation tips for First Year Engineering

It’s not like you are totally unaware about studying for exams. In fact, you have been doing it right all your life, that’s exactly why you’ve landed up here, right? But, what gets you a little worried for preparing for your very first semester exam in engineering is that all subjects, in a way, are new to you. Oh yeah, and haven’t we heard about KTs? Scary much?

But, don’t you worry for here’re some tips for you to clear your semesters:

    • Analyse your syllabus: The best part about our (Mumbai) University is that you can estimate what questions can be asked and from where. You can easily gauge from past question papers, the number of questions / weightage of every chapter. On this basis, you can figure out the time that you want to give to every chapter.
    • Make a schedule: Making a schedule is a must. Not only will that give you direction, but, will also make you understand your position in terms of your preparations and will bring you back on track, in case you procrastinate. This is what every other blog tells you. What it doesn’t tell you is ‘how’ to make a schedule.
      1. If you have ample time in your hands, then you must start with the most difficult topic carrying the maximum weightage. Get thorough with it. This will give you enough confidence and will keep you motivated.
      2. Start with the last paper in your exam schedule and then schedule the second last, so on and so forth. This will give you maximum time for every paper (subject).
      3. Also include time for revision and solving QPS. This is the most important strategy. Just knowing the answer right is not enough for our University boards, presenting it appropriately is a must. So, solve QPs and check with solutions.
      4. Also include your free time in the schedule. Most of the times, we skip on this as we do not give it due importance. But, it’s important to include breaks and free days in your schedule. One cannot study for 6 or 8 hours at a stretch. Make a schedule for 2-3 hours instead. For example, 9:00 a.m. to 12 noon-LUNCH BREAK-1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.-Play time/TV-5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.-DINNER BREAK, likewise. Also make time for festivities, relatives etc. right in your schedule, because, you’re anyway not going to study during that time.
    • Do not leave any topic: Any topic left undone automatically makes you underprepared for scoring your pointer score.
    • Subject preparation:Engineering Math – This is a subject you must focus on as Math gives most of us nightmares. For engineers, however, Math is your wings for you to fly. The stronger, the better and smoother your flight will be.Mechanics – The newest and a subject dreaded by most as it has chances of getting you a backlog. Statics and dynamics should be majorly focussed. Practice all problems twice-thrice. Check previous exam papers.

      BEE – This is also one of the two new subjects for you, but, students with vocational subjects in XII Std. kind of have an hang of it. Nevertheless, get thorough with the basics. Get in touch with your professors with any little query. Get it resolved.

      With all these tips, I am sure your engineering syllabus will quite be under your grasp. Extra effort will have to be put to iron out any weakness from your end, though. All the best!

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