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SE Sem III Sub.: Maths III

TE Sem V Sub.: Theory of Computer Science

TE Sem V Sub.: Advance Algorithm

TE Sem V Sub.: Database Management System

TE Sem V Sub.: Computer Network

TE Sem V Sub.: Digital Communication

TE Sem V Sub.: Electromagnetic Engineering

TE Sem V Sub.: Heat Transfer

TE Sem V Sub.: Dynamics of Machinery

TE Sem V and BE Sem VII Sub. : Discrete Time Signal and Processing

BE Sem VII Sub. : Artificial Intelligence

BE Sem VII Sub. : Digital Signal & Image Processing

Sub. : Machine Design - II

Sub. : Machine Learning


Autocad Lectures - Intro

Autocad Lecture- Part 1

Autocad Lecture – Part 2

Autocad Lecture –Part 3

FE Sem II - Topic "Exact Differential Equations"

SE Sem IV - Topic "Eigen values and Eigen Vector"

SE Sem IV - Topic "Complex Integration"

F.E. Sem II Topper : Kaushal Bhogale

F.E. Sem II Topper : Anurag Rajput

F.E. Sem II Topper : Tanmay Padwal

F.E. Sem II Topper : Saifuddin Telia

F.E. Sem II Topper : Manali Jambavalikar

F.E. Sem II Topper Hemita Sawant

F.E. Sem II Topper : Isha Deshpande

F.E. Sem II Topper : Chandramohan Chauhan

F.E. Sem II Topper : Mayuresh Solunke

Father of Mahima Yande

Father of Nikita Palchalgam

Raj Palkar - Maths I : 100 / 100 & BEE : 94 / 100

Aashika Shetty - Vidyalankar Engineering Degree Topper

F.E. Sem I Topper : Sorabh Rathod

F.E. Sem I Topper : Jaaish Quadri

F.E. Sem I Topper : Janhavi Vaity

SE Maths III - Fourier Series lecture @ Vidyalankar

BEE Topic Transformer taught @ Vidyalankar

BEE Topic A.C Circuit taught @ Vidyalankar

Mechanics - Topic Beams taught @ Vidyalankar

Maths I Topic Complex Numbers taught @ Vidyalankar

FE Sem.I Crash Course Batches will commence from Sunday, 27 November onwards.

BEE Topic Transformer taught @ Vidyalankar

Father of Shraddha Patel

F.E. SEM I Topper : Vinay Veerpur

Father of Vinay Veerapur

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